The backdrop of these make my heart hurt... I miss you Kempsinki Hotel, Soma Bay!!! Yes, sorry, another holiday outfit to make you guys want to escape rainy Britain. 

So as you can probably see... the weather wasn't quite so good as in Egypt during the Sunday of fashion week! I attempted to do the whole LFW this year but for some reason my heart just wasn't in it. I didn't go to my Sunday morning shows and by the time I got my ass into gear to head to Somerset House, I smashed my iPhone Plus on the way (FYI I've smashed it another time since getting it repaired 2 weeks ago...) and because of the weather, my friend Fiona and I found ourselves sheltering in Greggs for most of the afternoon! (Shout out to lil Fincher for taking these whilst it poured down with rain!!! And of course Sophie for standing in the beautiful Egyptian sunshine...)

For £25, I can't stress enough what good quality this coat is!

I actually picked this set with my Miss Selfridge pre-fashion week breakfast, so I have them to thank for this!

This however is how I styled this spring number up for London, layering with the coat, of course wearing it the fashionista way so it blew off into puddles... with black accessories! 

Now I know I'm looking on the more chunky side right now, I'm certainly more of a size 10 (not that a 10 is at all big, but I don't think I personally carry the size well for my structure/damn my constant weight insecurities) than I've ever been for a while - a far cry from the 6-8 I was this time last year... moments silence please. I 
would like to say it's all muscle as I've seriously bulked on the muscle side recently (as despite the poor diet, I have still worked out 5 times a week), but I feel the Dominos doesn't help me gain just muscle... However these photos were also taken after indulging in all inclusive for a few days and after a poor diet at the best of times! Despite my chunkyness, I have been told you do need to size up at least one size in most Miss Selfridge items right now!

For the past two days though I've been eating as clean as possible and putting into place my new fitness plan, so fingers crossed I can be a bit happier by summer! 

Despite my weight gain, I still think this suit is the cutest combination!
I've never been much of a jumpsuit wearer, until recently, and I just love how this one pairs with a blazer. More unconventional than the usual co ord! Where florals are pretty timeless, I think investing in something like this is such a good idea. I really think it would be cute for a spring/summer wedding! 

I feel like it's such a lovely statement outfit for a spring/summer wedding, or like me, for LFW/a meal out abroad!

The shoes were part of my lovely ASOS holiday bundle from Charlotte over at ASOS Swim! I don't know if you guys followed me this time last year? But I had a similar pair of ASOS white platforms which I wore to death, and I feel these are my replacements!

(Hat: Pretty Little Thing)
(Boots: Vagabond)
(Bag: Primark)