This 'Kim Kardashion' or just 'Kardashian' thing is like, everywhere right now. I can hands down say I haven't once watched the show, nor do I aspire to be anything like them... however, how could I not style up the trend in my own way?

I have phases of loving camel, and then hating it, I just can't work out if it suits me? However I decided to style it up with lilac for spring and this is how it went down:

Firstly, yes the sun was in my eyes... sorry about that!

Secondly, I actually really like these colours together. 

Thirdly, why are these shoes so wrong, but so right?!

But anyway, this is how I decided to style up m camel look, with this lilac, metallic-y combo! I feel like the shoes match my shiny face. (You love the highlighter don't you Fisher...!)

Everything is true to size, I think I did get the trousers in a 10 rather than an 8 though, but let's just say this was straight after all inclusive in Egypt and before dieting, so I'm not saying anything... they're also probably very true to size! Either way, I found the trousers to be a nice flattering, comfy fit, and liked how they came with the belt!

*no flowers were hurt in the making of this blog post.