If you've been keeping up with my instagram this week, you'll have seen I was shipped off to Soma Bay, Egypt, by Swimwear365 to do a blogger shoot! #5daysofsoma

I cannot begin to explain how nice it was to escape London's weather! Although I have already been abroad a few times this year - to Sweden, Norway and Moscow, the temperatures there didn't really rival Egypt...

My lips are still a little swollen here, but this is my outfit for the first day after a lovely day relaxing on the beach!

The best thing about now having pink hair is that I can wear monochrome with the pop of colour being my hair!

No idea why I'm pushing my abs out weirdly like that...

I spotted the shoes before I even knew I was going on holiday - they're so cute, very Zara if you ask me, but a fraction of the price! 

The sunglasses are by Hugo Taylor's brand, as you may have noticed, I love a good cat eye. I sported these the first day as I felt the monochrome tortoise complimented my outfit.