As you can tell by the unpastel-ed hair, this is an oldie I'd forgotten to upload! My legs look suspiciously smooth in these so I seem to recall not wanting to upload due to goosebumpy legs, then working out how to smooth them out, then forgetting! I've checked though, and the items are available, so I figured I'd pop it up!

I'd also gotten a fresh white Grafea for spring, as my one from last year had gotten a bit beaten up! My friend Milly is now the owner of that one and I think she plans to customise it, so it will be exciting to see!

I love the cut of this blazer dress, more of a unique look to the dresses I'm used to. I went for the 8 and as you can see it's a nice fit, perhaps size up if you're carrying more in the area of boobage, unlike me, as I think it suits the relaxed look more than the fitted! This comes in a few colours so if blue isn't for you, you can see the other colours here.

Oddly I have 2 or 3 Levi vintage jackets, but I keep going back to this one. People usually assume it's a Levi, but I prefer it as I was actually able to get it in my size, and not wearing a mens one oversized!

The boots and bag are just a classic spring combination of mine, which I'm sure I will revisit each year!