I'm sure 'girl next door' meant cute and girlie, but Google is suggesting it could mean otherwise... So FYI a cute a girlie look is what I meant!

I love that spring and blossom is here, I can finally dress how I enjoy dressing the most! That is a genuine piece of blossom that falls into my hair during these shots, man I love you spring (my hayfever doesn't, but I do...). 

Astrid & Miyu also got in contact recently, I am absolutely loving this silver diamonté ring and rose gold bracelet. (I finally need to go and get the links taken out of my watch instead of rocking this Kanye look...)

Sometimes I just like to dress casual, but for me casual isn't sweat pants. My casual is normally cute and girlie like this. Soft denim jacket, comfortable shift dress and tiny heeled loafers. Sorry if you guys are sick of all this Missguided, can you tell I just got a huge delivery I've been eager to wear?! I just filmed a huge haul video today so I'm excited to share that with those of the interweb.

I've said it before and I'll say it again - this white Grafea is such a good spring bag! It's bringing me back nostalgia from last year when I first started my blog!

I'd heard of Astrid and Miyu before but never really paid much attention, after searching the site for 3 favourite items earlier last week, I certainly fell in love!