These trousers recently caught my eye (well, they are hard to miss...) - but aren't they just a great trouser to take you into the brighter months?! The shoes again had my name on... I suppose it is time the 'pastel queen' (*cringe*), rears her head again now spring is upon us! 

I feel like I'm definitely dressing more 'me' again, and I'm working extra hard on diet and gym right now to get my figure back to the way it was last year before I became vegetarian and pizza became my bestie. I don't know why I tried so hard to work myself out of the 'pastel queen' nickname last year, when really I should have just embraced the colours which suit me! I'm getting a bit more on track and comfortable with my personal style again after losing myself in the bloggersphere where I wanted every trend to suit me!

These trousers are such a good buy as they can literally be styled with monochrome or any of the many colours that they feature! I also really like the cut and material, well worth the £42 they cost.

The shoes again are such a nice spring/summer casual, to smart, staple. They can jazz up any outfit or equally compete for attention with items like these trousers!

I feel like this colour pallet just draws my attention, I'd picked up this shopper recently, before even knowing the existence of the trousers, and hey presto - match made!

Shoes: Topshop