One of the highlights of my blogging career has to be joining 10 journalists and fellow blogger Hannah Crosskey, along to Soma Bay Egypt for the #5daysofsoma campaign with Swimwear365.

Not just because it was a damn good holiday with great people (and great breakfasts...) but also because it completely changed my perception of Egypt and has certainly inspired me to revisit. I've literally been bombarded with Egypt related questions since getting back, so I was so glad the photos I had snapped in awe of the resort, can finally come in handy! I wanted to feature a hotel review, but where I've to date been primarily fashion, I never knew whether me babbling on would put people off! Fuelled by interest, here I am typing my honest opinion on Kempinski Soma Bay. I can probably assume the photos will speak for themselves though...

Of course a little fashion has to be included. I took this absolutely beautiful AQ\AQ dress with me (I chose it on a recent dressing room appointment with them) on the hope to have some candid shots of me wearing it whilst frolicking on the beach... however I realised I had a faulty zip a little too late! I still wore it, as seen here, but if I were to turn, you'd see I was well and truly rocking the open back look. I decided to capture it in it's full glory another time, but still share this one of it because it is literally the best dress I own. 

Red Hot Sunglasses also sorted me out with some new season lilac Miu Miu, perfect for my pastel hair! The shape of these are different to my normal cat eye comfort zone, but I can safely say I have worn them to death since having them, which I'm sure you'll see in a few posts to come! The bag is old season River Island, however you can get it in coral or blue right now.

Now I've been travelling around South East Asia, and had my fair share of beaches - growing up on the Isle of Wight, it's safe to say I'm a beach snob. No way in the world did I imagine Egypt to compete with Thailand for crystal clear warm water! 

Kempinski Soma Bay overlooks their own private beach on the bay, stunning lagoon-like-water with a maintained tidy beach. If you're lucky, like me, you also get to bump into two passing camels who I'm told stroll the beach each day. Of course I took a few selfies with them.

When you arrive at the beach, which is literally a few minutes away from your rooms, you're greeted by the friendliest workers who assist you with a towel, drinking water or any other requirements. FYI, they do not tell you how many camels you're worth - I wasn't pestered once in Egypt and I'm a blonde, skimpy dressing, female! These little beds are set up for you to put your towel on and sunbath on, with the wind breaks there to... funnily enough - stop the wind, and also to give a bit of privacy and shade if needed. It was around 23-29 degrees during our stay, perfect if you ask me! You may also see those cheeky buzzers on the parasols... yes, yes you can press it if you need any assistance, including a list for the bar...

The resort itself is huge, I lost track of the amount of pools, but there was a good few - some heated, some not, with a lazy river flowing around the resort for you to take a dip in if wanted!

Thankfully I hadn't started dieting before the trip. It's an all inclusive hotel and I can hand on my heart say it was the best food I've ever had. Being vegetarian I'm always apprehensive about food abroad, but I had no worries here. Breakfast, lunch and dinner has the most amazing buffets of every food you could think of practically, with chefs also on standby to cook up requests!

I couldn't get enough of the pancakes and waffles, fresh fruit and cheese and onion omelettes!

C'mon, heart shaped waffles?!?!? An instagrammers dream...

As you can see the resort is just so maintained and vibrant.

Everywhere I looked could have been out of a brochure - it isn't often you go somewhere and it exceeds the expectations of the photos online!

There was also this secluded pool/jacuzzi/spar area, which was equally as beautiful.

And here was the view from my balcony!

I would have photographed my room, but I am shamefully a messy person, so it never really stayed tidy enough for photos! You can however see a photo of the instagram-worthy bathroom which made it onto my instagram (@charlottefisher) - why yes, yes I did have a bubble bath every night whilst watching Netflix. The room/bed itself was huge, along with the bath room and a sink/toilet room. I literally had all I needed and left the curtains open so the sun could wake me each morning - bliss! The only criticism I could ever think of was lack of wifi, but for a normal human it would not have been a problem as everywhere else had wifi - even part of the beach! That tiny problem was amended anyway at the small cost of $5 a night to rent a modem which I did! (Yes I have a problem, I'm aware of that...)

And to round things up:

Did anybody try to sell me for camels? No.
Was I subjected to any terrorism? No.
Did I get any food/water related illnesses? No.
Was it one of the best places I've ever visited? Yes!

Anyway, I'll also leave you with a few of my favourite snaps from Instagram, just incase you need any more convincing on visiting this incredible place - and here you can find the official site!

Thanks again to Swimwear 365, Label PR and Kempinski Soma for such a great opportunity!