So when browsing She Inside recently, this pussybow heart print pink shirt really caught my eye. When it arrived it fitted like a charm and I loved it, a bargain for £12... however I realised it said 'Moschino' in some of the hearts! I did my research and it is actually a dupe of this £547 Moschino shirt... which I hadn't realised when ordering! ...a bit cheeky!! Just proves that Moschino speaks to my heart, even when I don't know they've designed it! 

I feel like I look like a bit of an alien in these photos as I've worn my hair to the other side than normal - god knows why, was feeling oddly spontaneous! ...then naturally regretted it!

I was just going for a very casual look for a catch up with friends in the sea side sunshine so paired the shirt with this denim skirt, white Vagabonds, white Pradas and my trusty white Grafea!