Sorry I've been absent again for a while, just when I thought I had my mojo back, the black dog likes to rear his head! I wasn't going to post these as I look a moody toad and my hair was in the process of toning out the lilac, but today I woke up and decided what the hell, I'll do it!

Aside from the dull weather and my less than enthused expressions, this was an outfit I found quite favourable! As the weather was bad and my hair was this peachy mix of colour, I decided to brighten the day with this floral number and a whole lotta peach.

 The jacket is so lovely, the perfect thickness for spring. I actually got it at a LFW gifting lounge and completely forgot I had it! Safe to say it was nice to rediscover and matched perfectly with this silk-like skirt. I can't seem to find it on the site but I've linked a very similar one - not sure if it's sold out or not available yet... or I'm just being blind! I sized up in the skirt and would probably recommend doing so if you are interested in getting it!

The shirt just added that pop of pink which we all know I crave, and duh... florals for spring!!

The shoes feature in my recent Missguided haul video... you can see me talk about them there but basically I just said they aren't a heel I would normally go for, but considering they matched the skirt perfectly and I love a bit of the unusual side of things, I decided to go for them!

Shirt: Missguided
Skirt: Missguided
Shoes: Missguided