Ah, how cute is this skirt?! I'm loving these printed skirts right now, easy to just throw on and style with similar coloured, less statement items! (Cactus skirt, I still heart you.)

I went for my usual girly approach but edgy-ed things up a bit with the chunky white shoes and sunnies. I feel like that worked for me but obviously you could go full on girly with an outfit like that, perhaps with less statement sandals or some loafers like these. I initially was gonna just go with the green vest but felt it looked cuter layered up with this tie shirt, also kept me warmer when the temperature plummeted in the evening!

I'm sure you're going to be sick of these sunnies before long as I can't seem to take them off! They're Prada and by Blaze Sunglasses... and if you head over to my instagram there's a chance for you to win a pair!

Again, these shoes you may become bored with... this week I've lived in the black pair and this pair. Surprisingly 100% comfy and easy as pie to walk in!