Safe to say I was more than honoured when the New York offices of Nylon Magazine got in contact regarding a collaboration for their 16th birthday this April! I styled up this top which was created with Motel Rocks for the occasion, as well as a few other custom pieces!

"Do you embrace your impulsive side Charlotte?" - this email dropped into my inbox a couple weeks ago from Diet Coke and reading over the brief got me thinking. Back in January/February this year, I was ready to give up my blog. By no fault of anybody else I was extremely unhappy with myself and I wasn't proud of the content I was producing, and motivation for anything in my life was really lacking which made it so difficult for me to put on a happy face for my online persona and within my content. I felt like maybe my online world was also putting pressure on my mentality and a break could have been best.
I am an attention seeker by nature, that's just who I am. But I feel over the winter I transitioned into this boring person that I didn't recognise and that didn't love what they did.  Did you know 31% of women only step out of their comfort zone 3 times a year, according to Diet Coke's Regret Nothing campaign? Regret Nothing encourages women to embrace a smart approach to fashion, asking them to choose what looks and feel gorgeous not just what the magazines say. For me, fashion is an expression of my inner self, I think I express a lot about my personality and how I'm feeling through what I wear. Caryn Franklin, MBE in fashion said in support of the campaign "Don’t outsource approval. You be the best judge of the way you look based on what feels great and gives you pleasure and confidence.” This is exactly what inspires me to create outfits like this one for Nylon. Dressing a bit 'out there' and in my own quirky style is what makes me happy - I like how I get tagged in photos on instagram where a follower is saying 'this is so you' to a cute item! I feel like I'm finally finding myself again through what I wear, as clichΓ© as it sounds, and it feels nice to have a purpose and motivation again! When what you do as a job is what you wear, it's important to stay true to your style but take those risks to catch attention and stand out. Opportunities like working with Nylon, or even being approached by Cocoa Cola to write a little about this 'Regret Nothing' campaign are what keeps me on my toes right now, so I'm excited for a better end to 2015!

 I've been avoiding jeans like the plague since becoming unhappy with my figure, but I loved this pair and I just thought, "Why the hell not?!", they're a great pair of jeans and I just need to understand to embrace things like this. I know when I'm 65 I'm going to wish I had the legs I do now, even if right now they do make me unhappy! - Regret Nothing in association with Diet Coke

These Prada beauties from Blaze Sunglasses are SUCH a good pair for summer. I've been wearing them non stop since they arrived... and if you also want a pair, head over to my instagram as Blaze are giving one of my followers a chance to win a designer pair off of their site!