Recently I was invited by my favourites over at Miss Selfridge, into their flagship store to see what I thought of their new denim collection.

I must admit I had been scoping out the different styles online and was almost certain I was going to be leaving with a pink gingham pair. To my despair said style wasn't in stock anymore once I got my butt into gear and arranged my visit, however this cheeky striped pair caught my eye instead.  As you have probably gathered by the many photos of me, my figure isn't one that conventional jeans tend to cater for. Mom jeans are almost impossible to get to fit the leg/bum to waist ratio and I don't even go there with anything low rise.

Super stretch/disco/Joni etc. are the holy grail for me when it comes to jeans, so I figured the 'Steffi' style would be the ones for me. They did not disappoint and after much deliberation and convincing myself I did not need another ripped, near identical to all my others, pair, my heart chose these striped numbers. 

*Photos complete with grass stains*

I'm sure most of you have tried the spray on looking Joni jeans from Topshop by now, and I would compare them to those with a couple differences:

  • Better quality with Miss Selfridge Steffi - Topshop Joni jeans are made of a very thin material. Some of you, even I, may dig that look and feel, but I have friends who have worn through the crotch and knees. I've only worn these a couple of times so I can't judge on how well they will last, but the material is thicker and feels more robust than the Jonis.

  • Sizing totally different. In Joni jeans I get W25 L32/34 - I find this fit perfect for figure hugging - so basically that means sizing down to a 6. In these I tried on the 8 first of all and I just wasn't convinced. Eventually I tracked down a size 10 (in the photos) and I feel they fit perfectly (much less muffin topping than in the 8). Miss Selfridge do run smaller than most brands by a size, or sometimes two, so do keep that in mind! 

Miss Selfridge also kindly let me pick two items to style with the jeans and seeing as I'm loving anything bardot and tassled right now, it didn't take me long to pick... Of course I had to unknowingly pick the most expensive item in store. Yep, I was that guy. The jacket is £120, BUT, it's a big but (so many big butts in this post) it's one of those timeless pieces which will stay in my wardrobe forever... and it's SO beautiful. It's such a vibrant tan and mmmmmm brb whilst I marry it. Again I sized up to a 10 in it, likewise the gorgeous little bardot crop.

To continue the little desert wanderer-y look I went for my go to white sandals right now and this white tasselled clutch.

Also how magical is the sky?! My friend Jess and I shot these away from the sun as it was setting out to sea and this was the result. We also multitasked and Periscoped the sunset - if you haven't checked out Periscope yet... DO IT. My new favourite app. Who needs friends or company when you can talk to strangers from all around the world?
Jeans: Miss Selfridge
Top: Miss Selfridge
Jacket: Miss Selfridge
Shoes: Missguided
Bag: Missguided
Sunglasses: Fendi @ Red Hot Sunglasses