Sorry for the lack of posting, blogger is decreasing the quality of my photos for some reason? I've just had to go with it in the end, whilst in the process of seeking help. I've seen on Twitter it's a common problem though so if anybody has any help, please let me know!

Anyway, you may have already seen this dress on my Instagram as I have certainly been getting my wear out of it! I wore this for a lovely sunny trip to Brighton on this particular day, styling it up for day time comfort.

These are my first Converse in 9 years! I felt like I had to revisit my year 7 hashtag emo hashtag punklife days and get a red pair in my life for summer. I'm always under strict instructions for suitable footwear when with Charlie as he has dealt with my moaning on too many occasions, so I thought they were the perfect mix to casual the dress up!

I also of course went for my classic black Ray Ban wayfarers as the sun was out in full force.