No this isn't Pamela-no-boobs or some raunchy Playboy where the boobs forgot to turn up, it's just my painfully cringe-worthy-catfishing people into thinking I can look remotely decent in swimwear- posing, whilst I spent the week in the gorgeous Umbrian countryside last week. Simply Beach contacted me prior to see if I liked the look of their swimwear, and I couldn't help but fall in love with this swimsuit kimono set.
I must say, despite the posing to the max - which probably gives off an edge of confidence - I am most certainly the unhappiest I've been in a long time in swimwear and I will be getting my butt into gear very soon to change this (watch this space).

Now I've put a disclaimer that I know I don't look good, and what salvaged and that you do see is clever angles and posing, enough with the self hate and onto the major lovin' for this gorgeous Ted Baker set.

Simply Beach is FULL of gorgeous pieces right now, but we all know I'm a bit partial to pink and palm trees, so I couldn't help but opt to this one like a moth to a flame. If any of you are feeling a bit self conscious in swimwear like me, I think this is the perfect set - it's a swimsuit so it yanks that butt up, sucks that tum in and doesn't expose too much skin, plus the matching kimono means you can either hide underneath it when people come and might see you... or you can just wear it gracefully to 1) keep your modesty amongst the Italian family whose farm you are staying on
2) look fab and flaunt that your kimono actually matches your swimsuit for once 

These pieces are a little more than I'd normally think reasonable for swimwear, but the quality is there certainly there making them worth it. After a week of wear they haven't fallen apart like past swimwear of mine and the swimsuit has lasted the washing machine/chlorine pool without becoming a wash out of colour and bobbles. And of course if you are a labelled up diva, it is Ted Baker so has a name to it! A piece I can revisit every holiday/summer.

Now I apologise if you got more of me than bargained for in this post, I promise to be covered up a little more on the next - never an easy way to shoot swimwear without feeling like you're exposing all! 

*This post was sponsored by Simply Beach, but all opinions are honest and my own - to find out more about sponsored posts, please read my disclaimer.