Missguided contacted me again recently to see what I thought of creating a prom look. My prom was now a painfully long time ago, despite the panic of finding a dress feeling like only yesterday!

My prom was a bit of an anti climax, I had envisioned this huge, romantic event like on the American films, but in reality it was in a leisure centre hall, with a budget DJ and I'd naughtily gotten a little too tipsy on cheap alcohol beforehand. Don't let my horror story put you off though - I should probably add schools on the Isle of Wight always meet the lowest performance of standards in the whole of England, so I can imagine the proms also probably reflect this! ...I was going to attach a photo, but I think it would be accepted the same way as Tom Hardy's recent Myspace discovery!

For this look I went super simple - I'm in Umbria right now so my luggage was limited and the clutch bag unfortunately did not make my weight allowance so just imagine a cute clutch! With an outfit like this I think almost any colour would work, but personally I'd stick to a dusky pink again, perhaps a toner lighter pink, or even white would look nice.

The dress features this lovely cut out design to make it a little more quirky, a very Missguided thing to do! I sized up and would suggest doing so too, it does come up rather small on the back, hard to do up past the waist band.

For the shoes I went for these tie up additions - not very me, more Kardashian, but I thought they'd work well, and they did! Plus I was so surprised at how comfy they are.