A few weeks ago the famous Frank (www.frankbody.com), from 'Down Under', emailed me saying he wanted to get up in my face. What did that mean? It meant that Frank Body had a new skincare range about to launch: a creamy face cleanser, a creamy face scrub and an everyday fave moisturiser ...and he wanted me to be one of the first to try it.

I am beyond useless when it comes to a skincare regime. Don't hate me beauty bloggers but I'm normally a... dare I say it... face wipe and go kinda girl when it comes to removing my make up. So I was more than intrigued to introduce these new products to my face, after hearing lots about Frank Body in the past.

Read more for make-up-less (thank god for Tracie Giles eyebrows and Perfect Eyelashes lash extensions, ok and lip liner and lib balm) photos of me, and what I thought of the products.

If you're new to Frank, this is what he says about himself (read more for yourself here):

"Let’s be frank.

I’m many a thing: mostly humble, always caffeinated, naturally derived; and 100% Australian owned and made. I started as a simple coffee scrub, equal parts dirty and loving. Now I’m a growing coffee-based skincare range, because I’ve always said I’ll love every inch of your bod. I do a lot of things, which you’ll soon discover. Importantly, I only test on babes.

Just like it wakes you up from the inside, coffee can wake you up on the outside, too. That’s why all my products contain this key ingredient.

From freshly roasted and ground robusta beans to green coffee extract, I’m always exploring new ways to use coffee in skincare.
No parabens, PEGS, or phthalates. 
No sulphates or silicones. No mineral oil, no glycols, no DEA or TEA.
All of my products are made in Melbourne, Australia using natural and naturally derived ingredients: coconut oil to moisturise, mint extract to awaken, cinnamon to improve shelf life, and the list goes on."
...basically, he's become my new Australian best friend. Naturally derived, against testing on animals and full of good vibes. 

I've seen tons of people on instagram over the past year or so trying out the coffee scrub - I must say I was very tempted but the ridiculously good looking people using it, but as I felt I didn't particularly have troubled skin, I never got round to it. That's why I'm so glad Frank brought out these more 'everyday' products, that I'm now hooked on. However, now I've looked into the scrubs in more depth, I've seen they aren't just for acne, but also help stretch marks and cellulite... I think now the everyday products have impressed me so much, maybe I should get a lil' scrubbing into my life too!

From Frank I received 'Sweet Cheeks':

These photos are after I had removed my make up with the face cleanser the previous night, used the face scrub in the morning and then having a bit of a play (encouraged by Frank) with the moisturiser before making sure my skin was all smooth and ready to go!

Frank's branding does it for me almost as much as his products. I love a company with a good idea and a good heart, and I think that's what you get from Frank Body. I mean, what other beauty campaigns encourage animal faces with the products???!

Overall these puppies aren't leaving my daily routine anytime soon.

Have any of you tried any of Frank's products? I think the Tough Scrub is up next for me. Hopefully perfect in eliminating stretch marks as my body changes under my new nutrition and fitness regime!

Remember if you're instagramming it up, like I will be, use #thefrankeffect to share where in the world this Aussie brand ends up!

*This post was sponsored by Frank Body, but all opinions are honest and my own - to find out more about sponsored posts, please read my disclaimer.