On Thursday evening I headed to Sunglass Hut on Oxford Street for an intimate event for their recent Campaign, Electrify Summer

You all know me, I love a bit of colour, but Electrify Summer promises to have a pair of sunnies for all summer situations - and you know what, from what I saw... I think they're right. 

Smaller events are great because you get to know everybody, have time to see everything properly, and there's more cocktails to go around... 

I'm not being paid to say this but the King Bloom Cocktails which were at the event, served in those colourful jars, were the best damn cocktails I've ever tasted. So refreshing, fruity and despite their high percentage of alcohol, they didn't have the 'damn you over did the gin' taste. You just add ice to the jars, shake them and then bam you've got yourself this glorious drink!

I looked thoroughly around the store, falling in love with a Prada frame I hadn't seen before. It also came in a lilac-y pink which I think could have stolen my heart a little more than the mint?

To keep with the summer feel of things, Sunglass Hut also provided ice-cream from Snow Flake Gelato, I went for the raspberry... delicious! 

And aside from feeling summery with food and drink, The Braid Bar offered some braids to jazz up our hair. I opted for the 'Naomi' but felt like an egg with my hair all pushed back, so I took out one side and took the ends out of the other, feeling like the biggest jerk in the world...

I took my friend Alanya along and here's her cute little braid.

I also got to pick from a few of the summery shades to take away with me and I couldn't help but go over to the daring side with this quirky red Miu Miu pair.

Really grateful for a lovely evening and my new killer sunglasses, so thanks for having me Sunglass Hut! And if you haven't checked out the new summer editions to their site, be sure to do so!

*Covering the event was sponsored by Sunglass Hut, but all opinions are honest and my own - to find out more about sponsored posts, please read my disclaimer.