The day after arriving home from Italy, Missguided kindly arranged for me and a few other blogger babes to attend Field Day in London with some pocket money for booze'n food. The weather was glorious and Mac DeMarco did not disappoint.

Field Day is in Victoria Park, East London - and as it was my last weekend living in Mile End/Stepney Green; walking distance from the festival, I thought it was only fair to go and give East London a proper send off! I am sure Amy Valentine and the Jäger bar can confirm I did this.

I am by no means 'hipster' enough for Field Day in all honesty, this pop-punk lovin', Katy Perry lovin' girl did not know most of the music, but I did love Mac DeMarco enough to make the weekend worth it, along with appreciating some FKA Twigs and Caribou and the general happy festival vibes.

This was my outfit for day 2, and no ok... you caught me, these aren't shot on the day, but c'mon you try taking blog photos on a compact camera after 10 jägermeisters and a bottle of rosé. I think you can probably agree you will appreciate the outfit more in this set of photos. On a side note, I had pink nails for Field Day, not red ones, please ignore these red ones!!!

Although wanting to marry this dress, it does come up ridiculously short on me, too short to be partying down at a festival in, so instead of wearing my kimono as the sun was shining down - I tied it around my waist all sarong-like to keep my modesty and keep me cool! When the sun went down I just untied it and wore it as a kimono - cunning plan!

I feel like this necklace compliments the outfit well, adding to that festival feel. Now I need it in all the other colours. I also went for a pink Invisibobble in my hair, because regular hair bands are so last year.

The boots weren't as comfy as I'd have envisioned, but nothing a couple Compeed plasters couldn't fix! That's what you get for not wearing socks with a new pair of boots though - I have since worn again, armed with socks and with no complaints.

Photos by Charlie Price