Now it's been a while since I last shared a wish list, however I think this is one you all need to know about... 50% off of current season designers?! Uh... yeah! Very Exclusive currently have a 50% off offer on the items I can guarantee you umm-ed and ahh-ed about when they were full price (well, I speak mainly for myself here)! - stock up now ladies - Wildfox is calling you!!!

I'm a little late to the party on this sale unfortunately, please don't make me cry on how many Love Moschino bags I missed out on whilst they had 50% off of them. However I think my bank balance is happy that I could make careful decisions and not splurge on everything and anything.

Maybe it's because I'm used to Topshop's grand sales when they give 20% off (ok maybe 40% if we're lucky) but I am so impressed with the whopping 50% and how the most part of these items are classic pieces! There is no questioning my love for Wildfox and Love Moschino, so I couldn't help but share them at these great prices. The collage above is of my personal favourites, and I can confirm the Barbie t-shirt and red Moschino bag are on their ways to me!

As much as I would have loved the black Love Moschino scarf handbag and summer sandal combination, some of you may know of my recent splurge in Prada on a black handbag, so I can't really justify another... despite being certain this combination would have had me looking a coordinated Moschino babe for summer...

Ray Ban at half price, like whaaaat?! I can't help but feel it is all good investments... *steps away from new Miu Miu (yes I splashed out on that too, I need help...) wallet*

Karl Largerfield is the closest I can own to Chanel right now (ok excluding my many overpriced lippys) and I couldn't help but be drawn to this cute shirt - very Katy Cat, huh?!

Anyway here are my favourite picks from the sale, now go get spending!

*This post was sponsored by Very Exclusive, but all opinions are honest and my own - to find out more about sponsored posts, please read my disclaimer. I don't normally accept posts like this, but in this case I truly thought my readers would benefit, like I did, from discovering the sale.