It's so difficult dressing for London weather at the moment, as Katy Perry once said: you're hot then you're cold. This is an outfit I wore for catching up around London with Lucia (Style Confessional), cute 'n casual.

I don't know how, what or why my ass has it's own orbit in these photos, but I'm going to work with it... maybe the squats are paying off or maybe these Joni jeans have created a lift like no other.

I know I've worn and photographed these sandals a billion times by now, but I'm trying to work out if they've made it onto my blog yet?! I don't think so? Well, these are my go to black sandals right now, from my picks of being one of their shoe ambassadors. Despite the heel I can be in these all day with maximum comfort and they're perfectly easy to walk in. I've had so many strangers come up to me and compliment them asking where they're from, so they seem to be a hit with others too!

Where this outfit was quite pastel-ly and cute, this bag which matched the colours has the bands of black in, so I went for black accessories with the shoes, hat and watch, just so the black on the bag kind of made sense with the outfit.

This sheer top, like I was saying, is perfect for the weather - keeps you cool but looked cute layered up with this satin bomber. Both new favourites of mine.