Last week I popped to Covent Garden for one of Very's VIP events. If there's one thing Very know, then it's how to throw a good event. They even had puppies one time, but unfortunately that was the only I've ever missed... why does life do this to me?

The theme this time was the festival season, and they showcased their key pieces for this festivally time of year, including this gorgeous dungaree dress which I couldn't help but fall in love with.

Despite the lack of puppies, there was a piercing lady this time - so of course I got yet another ear piercing. There was also a trusty photobooth, hair styling, the shiny metallicy temporary tattoo people which are everywhere right now and endless alcohol! Safe to say I had a good time, along with using social media currency (a tweet/instagram/snapchat etc.) to gain 3 of my favourite pieces.

I was yet to get on this dungaree summer hype, and I'm glad I finally have! Billy bargain too if you ask me. I decided to go full on out for the festival theme with the bell sleeve bardot top and tan accessories. The bag and shoes have been itching to get on my blog since I bought them a couple months ago!

I'm also sporting a new Daniel Wellington tan watch of mine, I figured it a perfect edition to my summer tan collection, along with these pretty rose gold and pearl Astrid & Miyu bits. If you're after a Daniel Wellington watch, which I don't see why you wouldn't... you can get a discount off using the code 'charlottefisher' - thank me later.

The shoes I could live in, comfy clogg-y heaven.