First of all - shout out to the farmer and his crops for making these photos possible. Strictly speaking I didn't ask if I could go and tread on his crops, but in my defence he didn't speak English and I didn't speak Italian...  Regardless I was very careful, but unfortunately I can't speak on behalf of BB the black labrador who decided to have a play in the corn whilst I was busy shooting...

I also must apologise for my absence from the bloggersphere, moving house is hard work! It's hard to blog when your life belongings are taunting you from 10 large cardboard boxes which have no room to be unpacked. I have still been snapping away at my outfits though - like this one shot in Italy, so I have lots to post and catch up on! ...And I know, I know, another Missguided outfit - I am not being paid or held at gunshot by them, I'm just obsessed with their current summer items!

This was for a 'covered up' evening in the town, as apparently the locals weren't use to the amount of flesh I would have happily shown - c'mon it was 30 degrees!! I am still not convinced flared trousers work on me, I think they suit the smaller thighed variety of girls a little more, however I am damned adamant to try and find a pair to suit me!

After wearing my black crochet cardigan to death, I couldn't help but feel a white version was missing from my life. Just when I'd given up hope I discovered this one in the plus sized section of Missguided and I thought I'd give it a go. I'm an 8-10 and this is a 16-18 so it just shows an item like this will work no matter the size!

Shoes wise - sticking to my new trusty favourite sandals again. Still can't get over how comfy these little beauties are! They lasted me the whole holiday without any blisters or foot ache, now that's a shoe I can trust.