An email popped into my inbox a few weeks ago which really set the nostalgia going. Kandice from the So...? team proposed me a challenge of styling up 4 summer outfits to coincide with their So...? Couture Cities range. If you're a 90s kid like me, it can't be just me who always had a body spray version of these in their bag during high school?! The girls changing rooms after P.E could have been an advert for them!

Since the 90s So...? has been supplying us ladies with a range of affordable products to suit every girl's attitude. To me it was their long lasting body fragrances which I remember them for, but since researching the company again recently I found that their Eau de Toilettes range earned them multiple beauty awards. It's nice to see a brand I remember so well when I was younger, still doing well today - with the eau de toilettes more suitable for my 21 year old self... the brand sort of growing as we have?! Safe to say I couldn't wait to get my hands (and nostrils) on these new city scents named after some of the fashion capitals of the world, in doing so planning outfits around their city and scents!

I love a good styling challenge - it mixes up my usual outfits, so I was very keen to find looks to suit London, New York, Rio and Paris, as I feel I can be quite diverse with my choices!

I'm sure you have figured from my blog and instagram feed, that I'm quite a colourful and quirky person, so I feel like the design of these perfumes really spoke to me. I sometimes wish I could be this edgy minimalistic girl... but if I'm honest, nothing attracts me more than bright colours and bold statements.

I thought I'd give my opinions on the perfumes as well as the outfits, and figured since I have spent the past 2 years there, it would only be fair to start with London!

According to So...?'s campaign, for them this London scent represents cool, creative and urban. I do agree with this, London is definitely somewhere you can let your creativity bloom. The scent is fresh, crisp, and summery with sparking notes of grapefruit, mandarin and apricot, heightening on a floral haze of jasmine, rose and violet. Such a fruity, florally, summer scent with base notes of sandalwood, vanilla and musk. Imagine a walk through Victoria park, whilst the flowers are all in bloom!

It's a very feminine scent, sweet, but not too sweet. I should probably add, these perfumes are only £9.99 each for 50ml - billy bargain if you ask me! I am no perfume snob and with perfume, unless you're a walking avert with the bottle, who cares what price or label your perfume is, you wear the scent and if people compliment it and it's long lasting, you're winning whatever you paid for it!

I am yet to visit New York, but I have binged watched Gossip Girl for the past month if that counts for anything?! Fresh, confident and neat is what this fragrance stood for with So...? and I again agree. It is fresh like London, but a totally different scent. I feel this one is more evening-y and romantic, with a more creamy vanilla background.

Paris - classic, elegant and chic - the fragrance couldn't be more fitting.  Again such a lovely elegant and romantic fragrance, playing with delicate notes of plum and rose with mysterious tonalities of vetyver and patchouli. I could totally imagine going in for the double kiss on the cheeks wearing this fragrance. It isn't as 'overpowering' as the three others, more of a subtle, yet gorgeous scent.

And last, but not least... Rio! A fun, flirty n' fruity perfume, full of that summer festival vibe. It's nice and citrusy with fruity notes of pineapple, mango and melon; bright, fun and tropical. This is such a great, strong, summer scent, so perfect for a day of dancing in the sun with cocktails or hitting it up at a festival. It also has that tropical summer holiday vibe, such a lovely scent.

Now, I know what you're probably wondering... what was my favourite?! Honestly, because I'm being absolutely honest with this review, I love them all! I just think certain scents suit different occasions/time of day. I think with the bright sunny weather and my current excessive gym going, Rio is my most used, but I feel Paris and New York are just great date night scents, with London just a great all year scent! 

Anybody else grow up with So...? - let me know if you have any memories of the brand!
Keep an eye out on my blog the next week or so for my accompanying outfits, can't wait to share them with you!

The body sprays are available from Superdrug, Tesco, Asda, Amazon, Sainsbury's and the perfume is available exclusively from Boots.

*This post is in collaboration with So...?, but all opinions are honest and my own (I have been using these perfumes the past 2 weeks!)- to find out more about collaborations/sponsored posts, please read my disclaimer.