When deciding on my Paris inspired outfit, for my So...? With Attitude  style challenge, I was really torn. Part of me wanted to go for the romantic, sophisticated, Parisian look, but the other of me wanted to go for the edgy, confident statement vibe (ok and I did contemplate cliché stripes and a beret). In the end I just thought, hell, why not both? Which is how this ensemble came about. The ripped casual jeans paired with this black faux feather top and matching heels, finished off with a bit of vintage Moschino... and it would have been unfair to not include Penelope, my new pink Vespa. As aren't Vespa's the best way to get around Paris? (I sort of feel an Italian vibe with the Moschino and Vespa, but let's just go with it...)

I feel this is a great day-to-night outfit, and it even suits all of the seasons. Universal outfit all around.

I did not expect to be able to walk with ease in these heels, but hey, I love being proved wrong in situations like this! I think it must be the godsend of a platform, but these puppies are both easy to walk in and comfortable... but I would not advise them as sensible shoes for riding a Vespa!

On a side note, have any of you signed up to the Feels app? I've just uploaded this outfit and need people to stalk! If you're not familiar with it, you upload photos like you would to instagram, however these ones have to be of you and your outfit, full length + high quality, and then brands and agencies can connect with you. I'm still yet to be scouted by IMG Models... but maybe they're playing hard to get???