Every season Lauren Pope brings out a new collection with In The Style, my wardrobe gains a new suit. I love a good suit, as I'm sure my blog has reflected this, but never did I think I'd be owning a yellow one until now.
I had planned on wearing this set all sultry and pinned shut with boobage out and no top underneath, but Lauren beat me to it wearing it like that to the In The Style summer party (which I sadly couldn't make it to London to attend!). Because Lauren killed it with that look already, I decided to style it up a different way for a more daytime approach, suited for my So...? With Attitude London look. (You can read my nostalgic post on their fragrances and my outfit challenge here.)

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As always though, my leg to waist ratio likes to test me with trousers like this. I've seen other people wear it all chic and relaxed leg, but hey ho - fitted has to be the way with me! I'd size up, but I'd already had to take the waist in on these and besides I'm sure it's good to see a variation of how they fit on different figures. I was also pushing on the tall side, so to avoid any awkward length situations, I found the bottoms looked really nice and summery rolled up!

A suit in general speaks very London to me, but as it is summer, I wanted to represent some London summer styling. On hot summer days in London, unless frolicking around near the ponds in Hyde Park, you look a little out of place in the standard beach attire. London has it's own way to do summer and it's the perfect way to mix things up a little. The best thing about London (despite me just going ahead and saying you can look out of place in beach attire, hypocrite alert, but hopefully you get what I mean) is that there's so many people expressing themselves through fashion without anybody showing any negativity. This suit could easily be worn with a blouse and patent heels, but I equally think it works well channelling this fun summer look with white sandals and this cute crochet top for a more summer in the city vibe.

I also wore it earlier this week with a fishtail, as I felt it suited the summery look... of course I couldn't help but selfie-it-up!

Bag: Missguided