So can we appreciate first how witty my post title is? Mauve over, get it????!! Yep I came up with that one myself, I'm here all night. As usual I did that weird thing where I base a whole outfit around an accessory - the accessory in this case is these gorgeous Stella McCartney pinky mauve sunglasses, which screamed my name when I saw them on Red Hot Sunglasses. Stella speaks to my heart - fellow animal enthusiast and veggie, creating sunglasses as friendly to the environment as possible. I salute you Stella McCartney, I salute you.

You must excuse the VPL, what an unfortunate fashion faux pas on my behalf, whoops, sorry! I was however battling against gale-force winds to snap these and then it oh so kindly started to rain so I had to mission abort on finishing the shoot, so please give me a little leniency on these.

This bodycon ribbed mauve dress has been such a comfy edition to my wardrobe, pairing it with the mauve satin bomber which you can see me posing in different positions but not actually wearing...

I also kid you not, these shoes ARE comfy to walk in. I know, who'd have thought it? I can never walk in anything but a chunky heel usually but these somehow worked.