I posted this little ensemble on instagram the day I shot it, and I must say it went down well so I'm excited to share the full photos! Sometimes you've just gotta dress fun 'n cute, whether or not it's going to get you funny looks. How could I not channel my inner summer mermaid when I saw this cute shell skirt. FYI, it is actually a co-ord, but I thought I'd mix things up a bit with this t-shirt, still of course in the sea siren, boob covering with shells, theme.

Also Public Desire kindly have given my readers a cheeky discount for this weekend, so ladies, do stock up on shoes that you probably, or definitely, need.

Public Desire 15% discount code = DOTHINKBUYPD

As the evening grew on, I also paired with this peachy lightweight jacket from Pretty Little Thing. Sorry for the creases, it had been squashed into a box when I was moving, then forgotten about. Plus since I melted the last thing I ironed, I figured I'd save the jacket and let the creases drop out...

I figured I'd keep with the peachy hues for jewellery, opting for rose gold. This Shore Projects watch is such a cute, but minimal piece, and I'm totally obsessed with everything Astrid & Miyu at the moment, including this rose gold, diamontรช, pearl ring.

Now don't the heels look like a £50/£60 Topshop pair?! I know for a fact I splurged on the exact same style in Topshop for so much more £. That's why I love Public Desire, helping us ladies keep cute shoes on our feet for great prices. These are perfect for my ever growing nude wardrobe, and are so easy to walk in and comfy thanks to the platform and chunky heel.