This post is a lucky surviver from my drafts folder. My drafts folder contains many outfits I condemn to the lonely echoes of the internet after I reflect back and am too unhappy with the photos, for whatever reason (usually thinking I look too fat or my hair not looking 100%), to post. I shot the photos quickly a few weeks back before catching the boat for a trip up to Manchester. Sadly they were accidentally shot in a weird setting so I look a bit like a video game character... along with my 'smouldering look' making me look more sleepy than anything. Despite these partial failures, I have reflected back and decided to post. Why should I take it out on the innocent dress and shoes which gave me nothing but happiness?

The dress actually got me so many compliments after I posted a selfie in it on instagram and a few snapchats in it, and I had forgotten all about it until today when I rediscovered it and remembered I'd snapped these photos so many weeks before. It's from Charlotte Crosby's range with In The Style (get 10% off of In The Style with 'CHARLOTTE10') and I felt it perfect for summer, especially since at the time I was best friends with anything maxi as I had completely lost all body confidence. Thankfully I'm in a better place body wise now and wearing something maxi is a choice and not my only solution to leaving the house!

It appears I had a lot of attitude this day. I guess it was because it was my first time in the sort of boot-sandal hybrids, which now seem to be everywhere. I saw Pia Mia in this particular pair and she seemed to rock them pretty well so I thought I'd try them out myself. I have since delved deeper into the trend and can say I now own a few pairs of these odd, sort of strangely attractive, shoes.

As I was attempting to be Pia-Mia-ish ...well blonde hair n' resting bitch face, I felt like belting up the dress gave it a little more attitude. You saw this belt earlier this week but for those who missed it, it's just vintage Moschino I picked up after I fell in love with my friends mum's which I borrowed. I got mine on eBay but some internet snooping shows they do pop up everywhere. I prefer this to the large lettering belts.

As this particular pair are low in stock, I figured I would list a few alternatives (make sure ad blocker is off!):

Boots: Missguided