I feel like a lot of my recent outfit decisions stem from inspiration from my current Gossip Girl obsession. I can't help but feel a Serena van der Wooden vibe with this nude colour block dress. FYI, a £17.90 bargain from Miss Foxy... doesn't come much cheaper than that for a nice dress!

As you may have read in my previous post featuring all thing So...? 'n cities, I felt this a perfect fit for my New York outfit. Smart but a little edgy, with that whole Serina van der Woodsen vibe thing going on.

The dress is such a gorgeous cut with the slit up the back of the legs, open back, high neck and mesh details with the white contrasting waistband for the look of a small waist! I suppose it is, I daren't say it... a little Kim K too.

This was a scorcher of a day, so no jacket needed, but I had originally paired it with the waistcoat you can see in some of the photos, also Miss Foxy. 

I felt the Prada sunnies went perfectly as they're statement white to match the statement waistband, pairing with my holy grail handbag also from Prada. Oddly I don't think she's (and by she, I named her Katy... for obvious reasons) made it onto my blog yet?! It was the biggest fashion splurge I've ever made, but I've had absolutely no regrets! 

Shoes wise I was going to go with the Public Desire nude heels from my recent mermaid-y post, but as the weather was so hot (why is hot weather so much more effort?) I opted for this more feet-friendly Solillas pair, as nobody got time fo-dat sweaty feet in patent heels thang.
I actually got these in the winter (who gets sandals in winter? Yep, me.) during my leopard print phase and now I'm glad as they're such a great summer shoe and I feel they worked well with the colours of the dress.