I thought it was time to introduce my bunnies to my blog. If you do follow me on instagram/snapchat (both just 'charlottefisher') you will be very familiar with Humphrey and Daphne already.
You're also no detective if you notice these photos are a little dated considering I haven't had pink hair since March. However around that time a memory card of mine disappeared (included a lot of important photos for planned posts) and after weeks of searching I had to just live with it. It has however, since moving house, turned up and I thought 'heck, I'll share these anyway!', so expect a few pink haired posts over the next few weeks!

I originally got Humphrey after months/years/decades/what felt like millenniums of pleading, for my 19th birthday, whilst I was still at home on my gap year (I still had to buy him though, so now I feel a little conned that my present was the ability to buy a rabbit?).

I won't lie, I did think he was just going to chill in my bedroom and sleep in my bed with me. That to an extent was true, he still does like napping on my bed, but he also needed his own space and then company once I moved out to university.

I can't stress enough how important it is for bunnies to have time out of their cages - a recommended time of a minimum of 4 hours a day they need to be out hopping around and playing, whether living indoors or outside. I will hold my hands up that the first home I got him was way too small - he was still a baby and I figured because he was a 'dwarf lop' he would stay fairly tiny. It was about a meter long and only one story and he would chew the bars to come out when he wasn't left to roam free for whatever reason. As I had been sold a 'indoor rabbit cage fit for one rabbit' I had assumed it was an ok size for a bunny like Humphrey, but after doing some research I felt disgusted and found it wasn't even ok for him to be sleeping in a cage like that and he always needed a space which abided to the '3 hop rule'. Just because it is being sold as a 'rabbit cage', it doesn't mean it is fit for a rabbit. I then replaced his home with a larger one which met regulations, but then Daphne came along.

Bunnies are sociable animals, Humphrey and Daphne cuddle and clean each other for hours and genuinely look heartbroken if they're ever apart. I had spent a lot of time socialising with Humphrey but I could only be around so much, and I was soon off to go travelling and to university. He was 6 months old so I arranged for him to have his you know whats chopped off (sorry Humphrey but you lost your manhood as soon as you started living in a pink princess palace) and 6 weeks later I went and picked up Daphne who was the smallest and cutest rabbit I had ever met. She's a 'mini dwarf lop' but I can assure you there is nothing left to be called mini about her!

Humphrey had a little punch to him before Daphne came along, he would get a little feisty at times, but since having this little bunny to look after he calmed down and is now the most placid bunny you could dream of. I was even nervous to start with at how he would react to another rabbit, but I bonded them slowly and it wasn't long before they were best friends. So this would be another tip from me, other than the size of cage and exercise time away from the cage - get them a buddy!

People always ask me how my rabbits are so 'friendly' or 'tame' and that is because I have socialised a lot with them, played with them and been patient with them! Daphne is so territorial that she sometimes can be a nightmare whilst in her hutch, but once outside she's just as soppy, or even more so, as Humphrey! Daphne cradles in my arms whilst I clip her claws without her even flinching, she usually falls asleep! And that is because, despite her going all kungfu on me whilst in her cage, as she has been handled from a young age, she trusts me.

As I'm not home with my mum as much anymore, the bunnies were moved down to our dining room where they get more company from my mum and it was easier to bunny-proof their room for exercise. They have been living in this pink outdoor bunny cottage from Cosy Pets (I bought the wooden base from B&Q and had it cut), but I think it's time they had an even bigger space now more larger options are available. I always insure the space is suitable and they have some privacy for when they want it and I feel the Rose Cottage (found here) at Pets At Home is the perfect option for me to pick up next considering it has £50 off at the moment too. I've seen it in store and I just think it's a much better size for these two as Daphne is increasingly turning into Jabba The Hut. Of course they will still have their additional exercise and time away from their cages.

After I did a post on rescuing Percy the guineapig from a London park and Pets at Home helping me out with a starter kit, Pets at Home got a lot of slander on my socials despite them helping me and not expecting anything in return. They were criticised for the cage sizes but since being in my local store last week, I can proudly say the cages on view met regulations and there was a lot of educational content explaining the 3 hop rule and how the pets need time out of their cages every day too. I'm not at all being sponsored to say any of this, I'm just happy that the concerns made from some of my readers can be resolved now.

Back in March Pets at Home did invite me back into store to pick up some bunny treats, so I had photographed them before Daphne pushed Humphrey out of the way and ate it all.

Toys and mental stimulation are also important for rabbits, so I always make sure they have some of those popped in their home for when they're back inside it.

Humphrey likes a stroll on his lead, Daphne not so much. Don't force your bunnies into a harness if they don't enjoy it, but if they do you can look like a crazy bunny women and take them for a walk.

Fletcher, my adopted jack russell got a little jealous of all the new bunny swag so I also picked him up a new collar and leash set from Pets at Home, despite my mum's protests as she didn't want her 'boy' being seen in pink (he loved it).

The bunnies also love a good papering session, so I got them a new brush and just some animal friendly products to use in the bath and just as a freshening spray. People always think because they're in the house they're going to smell - no way, they're very clean animals and are litter trained. If yours 'smell' you need to clean out their home more regularly! 

My motto is 'rabbits are for life and not just for instagram'. They are super cute and do take a cracking photo, but they also deserve a lot of attention and the right living conditions. If you are considering getting a bunny, perhaps consider getting two so they have company and just make sure you can give them the space they need to live happy hoppy lives. Always check your local animal centres/RSPCA too as there are always rabbits needing forever homes - 2 of our guineapigs are from the RSPCA and when you adopt them they have already been 'done', so no unneeded baby animals!

Any questions, feel free to come to me! (Unless it's how to make your bunny lose weight as Daphne even gains weight when on diets...)