I was under the impression that hair extensions were for length, so I'd never really looked into them for myself. After finding out friend of mine, and fellow blogger babe, Sophie had been deceiving me with extensions this whole time - for thickness not length, I became intrigued... Extensions which are attached to your head for 3 months at a time... surely that's damaging? Nope, apparently not! My hair is my comfort blanket and I'm very precious about it, hell you ain't coming near my hair unless I trust you 100%! This meant like always, I had to go to the best and to somebody I trusted not to jeopardise my hair in any way - that's where Vixen & Blush came in. (Read more for my before and after!)

Lengthwise I was already very happy, I have my hair trimmed to maintain the length and attempt to thicken up my stragglers, so we kept my original hair length, just adding additional hair to add thickness. Normally I'd never wear my hair straight (you've probably gathered) unless having a good hair day, as where it's so sleek, despite having thick hair and a lot of hair, the strands of hair themselves are very fine and in my opinion does me no favours! Previous to this (I also have my old haircare routine going up on my YouTube very soon) I relied on curling my hair to make it look deceivingly fuller and thicker.

Many people do get these extensions for length also though, but a consultation would be your best bet to see your options and how these extensions could transform your hair!

Salon owner Sarah went through a consultation with me on the day first, describing the benefits of micro bonds and micro rings and which would suit me better. As I wanted them to be very subtle and not noticeable, we decided to go with micro bonds with Russian virgin hair for me. Micro rings are a popular option as you can reuse the hair after your 3 months, but with bonds most of the hair will have shredded by the end of the 3 months. Bonds are more discreet in hair like mine though and as I was just trying extensions out for the first time, we felt them more fit for me. As my hair is very long we opted for their longest length hair - 22 inches, using a unique to them, colour blend technology to insure the best and most natural colour to match my hair. As you can see the extensions are seamless, and literally it is impossible to tell them from my natural hair.

I think micro bonds like mine would be great if you wanted nice hair for your wedding/honey moon or a busy few months of shoots etc. but if you are looking for these extensions longterm, micro rings would probably be your better bet as they're more cost effective where the hair can be reused.

As you can hopefully see, the transformation was subtle, but made such a huge difference to my hair. I went in at 11:30pm at their Oxford Circus salon and was out by 3:00pm - and this included a lot of talking, photo taking and video filming! 

Move over Ariana Grande, a new hair thickie is in town! I've now had them in a week and couldn't be happier. As salon owner Sarah explained, I would shred a little hair the first few days and could feel a little discomfort whilst sleeping, and both of those were true. The first few days I left a trail of long blonde hairs, but now it has calmed down a lot and there is no visual difference from losing those hairs. Discomfort wise, it just felt a little alien a few days in - but I do wear a Vespa helmet a lot and go to the gym everyday which would have added to the stress of it. A week in and it is absolutely fine and I no longer can feel that they're there!

I had to make a few changes to my haircare routine, which at a consultation you would also be told. No high ponytails or flipping your hair over at all - so no towel turbans whilst drying your hair. This didn't bother me much as I don't often wear my hair up, it's just meant I wear a low ponytail or braid to the gym now. You also have to make sure after washing your hair you dry the bonds off - before the extensions I always naturally dried my hair but this isn't a huge issue as I know most people hair dry their hair anyway! And now I also sleep with a low ponytail or braid - all of which are very small compromises for lovely hair. 

I hope this post was informative if you were interested in getting some new hair lovin' into your life, or even if you were just nosy like I was before into how it all works.

You can see here the bonds, and if I'm quite honest they're almost impossible to see unless looking. They're fitted to match how your hair is worn, so as I part my hair down the back and wear it over my shoulders, I didn't have any fitted in the areas which would show them. Even if looking, to me it's hard to distinguish them from a highlight in my hair.

You do also need to up your shampoo and conditioner game whilst looking after extensions such as these. The salon provided me with these Kevin Murphy products to insure my blonde keeps nice and bright and my bonds keep nice and strong and in place over the next 3 months whilst they grow out. The reason behind having them replaced in 3 months is just that matting can occur after that time, and that's when you're likely to damage your own hair. Visiting the salon for maintenance is key.

I couldn't be happier with the thickness this transformation has given my hair and I can't rate Vixen and Blush enough.

I am not being sponsored for this post or any of what I have said, all opinions are honest and my own but I thought I should just add that my appointment itself was (gratefully on my behalf) in collaboration with the salon.