Never did I think I'd see the day I'd actually be sporting looks which weren't going to cause a little controversy. I think I could almost blend in with the numbers in an outfit like this if it wasn't for standing almost 6ft tall with my trademark hair. I've really been enjoying a nudey-brown-monochrome pallet as of late, with this trench coat (which I've already featured, shows how much I love it) been glued to me on the gloomy weather days. Lipsy are just speaking to my heart these days!

I love this shirt-dress, I think it's just a nice relaxed outfit but still gives that impression you've tried. I wouldn't have thought of pairing it with tan leather until I saw the belt, inspiring me to rock a Daniel Wellington in a similar colour with matching clogs. I got the dress in an 8, which thankfully after the gym for 79 days in a row (can't wait to share that post with you, haha!) I have slimmed back down to, but my only concern is 79 days at the gym is all fair and well until you realise your arm muscles rival Arnie... so it did come up a little tight on those biceps - if you are a muscle man like me I'd suggest maybe sizing up to compensate arms!

I've got tons of posts backed up to share with you guys, so whilst recovering from a weekend at V Festival, I can hopefully get some scheduled!