No, unfortunately the Isle of Wight hasn't had a freak October 1st heatwave... these were actually shot the week before last at an intimate private pool area at the gorgeous Semeli Hotel in Mykonos (which I would highly recommend but will discuss in my posts regarding hotel recommendations in Mykonos at a later date). I would have uploaded these photos and my other Mykonos/Santorini posts sooner but those post holiday blues have been kicking in big time for me during the past couple of days so the thought of even looking at photos back when life was happy, hot and filled with quad bikes... couldn't be done.

Mykonos isn't your standard beach holiday where you wear your comfiest bikini from two years ago, with tanning oil stains to match, to lounge around in despite how it looks... nor is it your 'I'm at Ocean Beach with a spray tan and more make up and jewellery than I'd wear on a night out normally' kinda location... I'd say it is a happy medium between both. People make an effort there, 'millionaire Mykonos' was thrown around a few times, but it isn't over the top and by no means a tacky location to visit. I'm done up a little more than usual for these photos (concealer and highlight was needed after a heavy night at the Scandinavian Bar), but as you'll see in my other holiday posts (or you may have seen on Instagram) I've bothered with some eyeshadow and lipstick, but left my skin fresh, focusing on a statement swimwear look.

I felt this ensemble was perfect for a Greek sunshine vibe, with that little Mykonian chic edge with the fedora and loose shirt. Simply Beach kindly let me chose a few items to take away with me, so I paired these ruffle swimpants with this gold detail pattern bikini top (believe or not they were not designed to be worn together) and thought this shirt would be the perfect alternative to a standard kimono.

...Now, get me back to Mykonos? (Or at least let Paris this weekend hurry up!)