So it felt like I was waiting around since forever for these boots to be designed, manufactured, and made accessible to me. I've been thinking 'man I need a tan pair of over the knee boots' for about a century, but finding a suitable pair proved hard. At Public Desire's 1 year birthday event earlier this summer, I saw these beauties and I prayed for the day they went online... and that my friends was last week. Owning them feels like my heart is finally complete. Aren't they just the perfect pair of boots for autumn?

I've only recently discovered Glamorous and have since fell in love with some of their new season pieces including this faux fur gilet and shift dress.  Now it's September the summer wardrobe slowly needs those transitional pieces added to it before coats and scarfs over take in winter.

Oddly, because I was in a hellish mood from 'knowing the photos will come out awful in direct sunlight' I am really happy with how these photos came out (hence the huge spam of me, sorry!). I'm very in the mood for Bestival this weekend which is what inspired todays look, and yes, I'm still living in these circular Ray Bans.