The most amazing story is behind these photos... I had gone to the same beach a week prior to shoot this outfit (and walk my dog) but whilst frolicking in the waves (with said dog), my Stella McCartney sunglasses decided to go on vacation and got washed away out to sea. To say I was distressed was an understatement, it was like a remake of Kim K losing her earrings in the sea. I spent an hour sulking that:
1) my outfit was ruined without the sunnies so I couldn't shoot it
2) the ocean literally just stole my favourite sunglasses
3) only this would happen to me

...after an hour of looking out to sea longingly to be reunited with my sunnies, I was forced to give up the search and retreated back to the car, leaving a 'LOST ON BEACH PINK AND BLACK STELLA MCCARTNEY SUNGLASSES' with a contact number just incase, at the shop nearest the beach. I had sort of faced the fact I'd never see them again, or if miraculously I did, they'd be ruined by the rough waves of that day... but weirdly 4 days later I got a text from the shop manager saying a child had found them buried in the sand and had handed them into the shop after reading my sign. WHAT WERE THE CHANCES IN THAT?!! At first I thought surely it was a joke, but alas I went there a few days later to see for myself and there they were, with only a few light scratches.

Anyway, I thought I'd share that story of crazy luck behind these outfit photos. As for the outfit, Chicwish have been a holy grail to me this summer. I've seen this dress pop up on a few bloggers now which almost put me off doing the same, however I felt I had styled it completely different to the others I had seen wearing it! It's a girlie bardot dress but I decided to toughen it up with black as I saw black worked well with this shade of mauve in the sunglasses. The sandals are comfy as heck and only a tenner in the sale, with this trusty vintage Moschino belt a nice edition to the waist.