Arriving back to England after two weeks in Greece was a bit of a shocker to the system - I'd left after a warm, sunny, weekend at Bestival and arrived back feeling like I was in the depths of the tundra! I've spent the last two weeks building up an autumn wardrobe as I was literally left with nothing weather suitable to wear and was living in gym clothes. Ark were the first parcels to arrive and I couldn't love these items anymore - I'm certainly partial to a bit of leopard print during these colder months (this coat comes with a pink collar but I removed it for this outfit!).

This winter I want to have loads of staples to wear so I'm trying to keep to a tan/beige/monochrome/khaki/dusty pink pallet, just so it's always going to be easy to style outfits or just chuck something comfy on without looking like I've gotten dressed in the dark! ...I also may have treated myself finally to a Celine trio, so expect to be seeing more of her this A/W!

I'm hopefully filming a haul video of my new seasonal bits this week, so keep your eyes peeled for those!

Hat: Ark