If you've not heard of Dr Esho (Le Beau Ideal) within this past year, where have you been? He's famous for his appearances on C4's Body Shockers, amongst countless media features in The Guardian, Look Magazine, The Daily Mail and Heat Magazine to name a few, with a recent interview airing on ITV This Morning.

Perhaps if you're not familiar with his name, you'll be familiar with his work... I'm speaking those killer selfies you've been seeing popping up on your instagram feeds. Dubbed the 'Picasso of botox' Esho is behind the enhanced features of many in the public eye, his most well known transformation being Charlotte Crosby, along with the likes of Holly Hagan, Spencer Matthews and Lauren Hutton also paying him a visit, with I myself owing him for my lip enhancement which somewhat became my trademark earlier this year (read about my lip transformation here).

An admirable quality about Dr Esho and the Le Beau Ideal team is that they're about enhancing your own beauty to achieve your personal ideal, strongly against abusing aesthetic procedures to an extreme. I can testify this as he's the first to shut me down when I'm moaning about wanting bigger lips - adamant they're the perfect size for my face and anymore would 'guild the lily' as we speak, haha!! Goddammit Kylie and those juicy lips!!

His passion for his work shines through and this is why I trusted him on my next cosmetic venture... a nose job!

Yes that's right, I've had a new nose for over a month now, but have any of you noticed? Probably not! The procedure was so subtle that not a single person noticed without me pointing it out and I had absolutely zero bruising and heeling time. If you don't believe me, here's a before and after (read more!):

I wasn't the type of person who's nose had haunted me my whole life and caused me insecurities, but the older I've gotten the more the distinguished Fisher nose (thanks Dad!) has developed, causing a bit of an angled ledge. When I originally sent this before and after to my own mother, she assumed it was a comparison photo of me and my father at first glance, the before being him! From most angles I was totally fine with it, but from perfectly straight on I was like 'Doh! Does my nose really look like that?'.

When photographing my lips with Dr Esho one day, we caught that angle in a photo, and of course I complained to take another where my nose didn't 'look so ugly'... that's when we discussed a non surgical nose job procedure could fix problem noses like mine perfectly easy with filler. I'm happy to be #1 guineapig with Le Beau ideal, I am literally content to go in there, lay down and be like 'hey what's up? Fix my face!' - I trust Dr Esho's judgement fully and although he said it obviously wasn't a necessary procedure, he'd be happy to do so on me. As well as for my own benefit, I thought it would be a great piece for my blog/social media, as I know so many people who have rushed into nose jobs and don't like the results, needing more surgeries down the line, and this is the perfect either pre-procedure to try out how a permanent nose would look but without the whole being permanent and stuck on your face forever thing, or just an alternative for people like me who don't hate their nose enough for full blown surgery but would fancy a little adjustment (plus it's way cheaper £!)!

I can't stress enough how I'm reviewing this treatment at Le Beau Ideal not just the procedure itself. I'm saying this because after my lip filler post I had many girls approach me who's lips hadn't gone quite how they'd planned... but they'd paid next to nothing and gone to somebody under-qualified instead of somebody with years of practice and medical knowledge. I'm mentioning this particularly now as a non-cosmetic nose job comes with risks of blindness, tissue necrosis and general scarring and changes to quality of the skin if carried out by the wrong person, so I am recommending Dr Esho from my experience - like I've said before, it's your face your tampering with, so go with somebody you can be 100% confident with.

We did my nose over 3 sessions as we discussed it was better to build up the nose over to risk any complications and insure it was exactly how I wanted it. Dr Esho used Juvederm Volift and Juvederm Voluma to create the desired results, using a cannula to inject the filler above and below the slight hump in my nose. I honestly couldn't be happier and can't believe insecurities are so easily fixed these days without going under the knife! The results typically last 1-2 years, but it all depends on how your body holds the filler - as I've been away in the sun recently, I can notice a slight (and I mean super slight) change, but this is because the intense sun may have metabolised some.

And the most important thing I'll know you'll all be wondering... did it hurt?! I can assure you it hurt a million times less than any nose job and had absolutely no bruising or swelling, so unlike a nose job you get your results instantly. Pain wise you feel a slight pinch when the cannula is inserted, but other than that it is absolutely pain free, nothing more than getting a piercing or routine injection. (You can watch a video of me having the procedure here.)