I've really had an eye for khaki recently, always keeping an eye out for some staple items to wear over the next couple of months. I sort of missed out on/am late to the whole Adidas Superstars hype (I do actually have a black pair though), so I thought I'd stray from the crowd and go for a pair of Gazelle's as I love the shape and suede design - and of course once I saw the khaki pair, I was sold!

This utility jacket, which I'm wearing more as a shirt over this cute little Pretty Little Thing appliqué bralet, is a recent favourite from Boohoo. So easy to just throw on and matches perfectly with the trainers.

I'm not usually a non-high-waisted jeans type of girl, but when I saw these in Topshop's sale for only £5, how could I not resist? I know white jeans are a marmite and my friend Jenny tells me they are the devils jeans when it comes to being flattering... but.. helloooo... a fiver!! I had to try them out. I have tracked down a couple similar pairs for you guys though, here at Boohoo and here at Pretty Little Thing.