I'd missed London Fashion Week (I'd say regrettably... but I have no regret, haha!) as I was sunning myself in the lovely Mykonos, so when I arrived back to England and had post holiday blues, I thought what could be a better idea than booking a last minute flight to experience some of Paris Fashion Week?

I went with a non-blogger-regular-human friend of mine as a bit of a city escape, so I knew I couldn't be my usual diva fashionista self ordering photo shoots left right and centre. I actually didn't even take my Canon with me, just my little Olympus PEN, so these photos are a lot less staged than usual - more of a Paris diary than blog shoots!

If I'm quite honest outfit shooting was a bit disastrous, I have no idea how the white/nude/pink (Missguided coatMissguided body suit, Topshop trousers (bought in size 12 for more relaxed fit), Vagabond boots and Miu Miu sunglasses) photos came out so well considering I was on my deathbed with the worst ever hangover (*don't drink a litre of rosé kids, even if it is only €4... as it will lead you to regrettable shot decisions at the gay bar later that night and then you will spend the next day wishing you'd never been born!). Let's just say these new Miu Miu sunnies from Red Hot Sunglasses hid a world full of pain in these photos...

Likewise meanwhile whilst shooting my 'Chloé-esque' Missguided tan look (boots, dress, bag & shearling jacket)  I was basically fighting a monsoon, however I am grateful I did manage to get at least one respectable shot of this outfit as I loved it! After I took these we spent the rest of the day tucked back inside out of the rain in the Louvre shopping centre.

Then the final day (Moschino poncho, Missguided feather vest, Topshop trousers, Public Desire boots, Prada bag & Prada sunglasses) the weather started off beautiful, then the skies decided to open like they'd never opened before, turning me into a soggy mess... for the sun to come out again! 

I wasn't really involved with the whole fashion week scene (ok except unintentional after-parties) as I hadn't applied to any shows or showrooms as I was with my friend, instead I just wanted to take in the atmosphere so I know what to expect next season when I am more prepared and ready to get my trés chic on! 

Also excitingly whilst in Paris I joined the Céline club finally, because c'mon, when in Rome (*ok Paris), right?! I've been wanting a trio bag for about a year now and since it's a little cheaper to buy in Paris, I took the plunge!