I couldn't help but take the opportunity whilst staying in Oia to wake up early and snap a few blog photos before it got too busy. Unfortunately, early or not, a few people copped onto what I was doing and still tried to photobomb/steal my spot... yes I'm looking at you other blogger-like-person with a photographer with a way better camera than mine. I technically had broken an entry onto somebody's roof, which the evening before had nobody daring enough to do, so I thought it was perfect... alas people followed like sheep and it meant I could only snap a few photos. I was also battling a strong breeze with the morning sun slowly cooking me, all in all a stressful shooting environment haha!

Despite being Moaning Myrtle over here, it's safe to say Oia/Santorini in general is breathtaking and I'm grateful for these few snaps that I did manage to get!

The jumpsuit is another NaaNaa favourite, white clothing in Greece is just like a must but I thought I'd add a pop of colour with red details. Happy to have ticked this off the bucket list, but no doubt Santorini is going to keep me away for long!