I used to share only my more 'dressy' looks on here, but now I've recently reverted back to my old ways of comfort, and it's unlikely I make it out of gym wear unless I have something important to go to! I've started making a little more effort though (I've ditched wearing foundation though except for evenings out!) and sporting (see what I did there?) more sports-luxe-y outfits for comfort. Basically I'm not made up and in heels everyday now!

This outfit gave off a cute meets sporty vibe, but I can't help but feel in the photos I give off a footballer vibe... doh!

I''m so late on the Adidas Superstars game, but I've really been digging Adidas in general recently (maybe subconsciously linked to my lazy ways of choosing comfortable gym wear over actual outfits...) and after wanting to look like Katy Perry in her full Adidas attire, I knew it was time to get a pair of the trainers she wears! They are so comfy and easy to style though, so I'm not surprised fashion bloggers everywhere has them.

As I've mentioned my culottes game has upped recently, and these were the pair which inspired it all. I saw them in the Topshop sale for £5 and thought I may as well try them out and surprisingly fell in love. These are a size 6 so come up quite small on me, but they were just me testing the water on if they'd suit me and a similar pair is available at Missguided in my actual 8-10 size so I think I'll now be getting those!

The bodysuit again was a cheap Topshop sale find and I think it goes beautifully with my new dusty pink Love Moschino bag from Tessuti. The bag is perfect for day/night as it has a cute little wallet built into it. And to layer up over it all, as the weather was quite mild, this oversized stripe shirt from Newlook.

Bag: Love Moschino @ Tesutti