If a year ago you'd have told me I was getting a tattoo, let alone one on my face, I'd have told you to get out the goddamn door. Yet here I am, after my second lot of 'tattooing' with the wonderful Tracie Giles! If you've seen my recent everyday make up video, you'll already know I visited Tracie Giles recently to have a much needed top up after originally visiting earlier this year. (And to talk pets, as Tracy is a women after my own heart when it comes to animals.)

Keep reading for my before and after...

Semi-permanent make up in the wrong hands can be disastrous, and Tracy herself is actually is working against making regulations stricter. Microblading requires a lot of experience and knowledge behind eyebrow tattooing, but you can be qualified and working on clients after passing the course alone. It's crucial to understand the scarring/scar tissue which can occur down the line if done by somebody without extensive knowledge, and like most procedures - it's always worth paying a little bit more to get the confidence behind the results and safety, as well as the best overall results.

Tracie Giles is now world renowned for having a team of the best technicians in the world, people assume by seeing 'Tracie Giles' you will be with Tracy herself, but this isn't always the case and her whole team create the same amazing results. So 'Tracie Giles' is more a brand name these days as they're still 'Tracie Giles' brows if carried about by any of the other amazing technicians in the clinic. The team are made up by: Karina (Russian Director 1), Ramona (German Director 2), Natasha (British Elite Plus), Tilly (British Elite), Marta (Polish Elite Plus), Carrin (South African Session Tech), Beatrice (French Director of Training) and Tracy herself!

Also Tracie Giles isn't just the 'brow lady' oh no, oh no! As well as being famous for brows, Tracie Giles is also highly experienced in other areas of permanent make-up, renowned for lips, eyeliner and even for clients who have recently gone through cancer or similar illnesses causing hair-loss or the need for nipple reconstruction and scar camouflage after mastectomies.

For me 'brows on fleek' was fairly hard to achieve as my brows are disappointingly sparse, naturally quite heavy and fair in colour. It took a lot of effort to whip them into order, and I never really found I could get them as naturally-fleek-y as I would have wanted. You can see them in their odd state here, with the shadow of my previous visit to Tracy helping a little. Note the shadow has not faded to a peculiar colour, as it is common for bad brows to tun to a red coloured ink stain!

...And here you can see them after my visit to Tracie Giles. I think the proof is in the pudding here when you compare before and after! The results are dramatic in improvement, but still absolutely natural as the pigment is matched perfectly and the strokes mimic natural hair strokes. (Apologies for the fact you have to put up with my bare face, although props to me for making the effort with some mascara and a tiny bit of highlight haha!)

In this photo you can see a little bit behind how Tracy creates the brows. She carefully measures for perfectly symmetrical brows, appropriately sized for the shape of face. Once we were both happy with the shape of the brows, Tracy mixes a custom mineral blend of pigment to match my hair colour/colourings. A numbing cream is applied, but Tracy does warn it usually works better once the first few strokes are made, so it penetrates the skin better. I won't lie, the first time I had them done it was quite uncomfortable and I gritted my teeth as the end result was absolutely worth it - but hey, let's be honest 'did it hurt?' is a stupid question for any type of tattoo. That being said, I don't joke, this time I fell asleep! I was expecting the worst and although I felt a bit of discomfort at first, it couldn't have been that bad if I'd snoozed off!

I couldn't be happier with my brows and I wish I had Tracie Giles on speed dial to keep the natural brows that I do have trimmed and shaped haha! If you are considering a visit, I hope this helps your decision to get booked in! And of course, it would be cruel to not share photos of her beautiful little dog Bambi - what a character!