Sorry for my absence in the bloggersphere, the main reason was the 6 consecutive days of bloody rain (cheers England) but I've also been filming for my new YouTube channel (yes I've started again) and I've been writing my recent fitness update (yes still) and about my experience getting my brows redone at Tracie Giles (super happy with them). (Going with brackets today.)

As it wasn't rainy or windy to the point of being completely blown away, I tried to make the most of shooting my outfit (and my boyfriend's... yes, he's blogging now - check him out here! He has a REALLY good photographer... ahem.). Yep, you guessed it - more culottes. But this time in this gorgeous pink and in the form of this two piece with a beautiful open back feature. You can get the whole set for £28 right now as the top is in the sale and you can find the culottes here!

I've always loved leopard print with pastels/pink since seeing Alexa Chung sport it so well with a pastel yellow top when she debuted that Topshop leopard print skirt last year at LFW. As the opportunity arose with these leopard print sandals (jeez my blog is just culottes and leopard print footwear right now with a Celine trio thrown in for good measure, whoops!), I took to the streets doing the faux pas of socks 'n sandals (so shame), and layering up with this lovely faux suede duster jacket to match the colours of the leopard print. 

Bag: Celine