The British weather and the whole being dark by 4pm thing, has really been testing my blog shooting abilities. I have however discovered, as long as not torrential rain, a fishtail plait is perfect for defying strong winds in photo taking, and actually looks better a little more roughened up.

Sorry for the absence, I have however been in New York as an early birthday present from Charlie! I did shoot every outfit I wore whilst out there though (hooray for sunshine and no wind stateside...) so these will be with you guys shortly as I didn't want being online to consume my whole holiday!

This was an outfit I wore for a day travelling up to Manchester for a shoot. Nice, simply and chic, but also warm and comfy. I shot this in the few minutes I had before catching my boat (yep, Isle of Wight problems!!) and I think the grumpy expression was due to the dismal weather. This £28 Naanaa dress is my absolute favourite, it's normally worn more of a midi but I rolled it up on this day as I was pairing with OTK boots. Actually, they're all of my new favourites if I'm honest. I've been looking for a comfy pair of over the knee boots for ages and where the top is structured, they don't fall down as you walk - ain't nobody got time fo'dat! Likewise I was on pursuit for a nice neutral cream/white coat for ages, but none tickled my fancy until this one came along and FYI it's on offer for only £40 right now!