Seven year old me would have loved this outfit because, as my mum and sister often like to remind me, as a child around the age of 6-7 I refused to wear anything but full camouflage. I kid you not (my sister still carries a haunting photo in her wallet where I wore camouflage to her 21st birthday... Clearly my issues have been around a while.) I even got rid of my Barbie dolls and replaced them with a camouflage wearing Action Man, the phase was real.

Regardless, you can probably see by my New York post that my camo lit flame has been rekindled, furthermore with this ensemble. I'm enjoying this more urbany-I-give-less-fucks look I'm sort of going for at the moment and these washed out tones seem to be doing it for me. I can thank Boohoo for supplying the goods in camo abundance. The New Balance are just the perfect tone of greys and khaki for an outfit like this, my go to shoes most of the time nowadays. I also have a very, very, similar pair from Get The Label which are just a little more lighter grey.

I also feel the sunglasses need a special mention... I've been after a pair of these Celine frames for a while, but I have SO many similar pairs I couldn't find it justifiable... that was until these green/khaki gradient ones caught my eye. Smart Buy Sunglasses kindly sent them out to me for my Cuba trip but they unfortunately didn't arrive in time - alas, they are still perfect for my moody, regular winter, looks or when the sun does decide to show it's face. On that note, Smart Buy Glasses have a great range of glasses and sunnies, so it's definitely worth checking them out.

Top: Topshop
Jacket: Pretty Little Thing (similar here or camo version here)