Just before my birthday Charlie surprised me with a trip to New York! (Top boyfriend points, huh?!) It was actually my first time 'crossing the pond' and quite frankly some of the best 5 days of my life. I fell in love with New York and haven't felt so at home in a foreign city - I'm definitely itching to go back, perhaps for some summertime action.

I figured it's pretty easy to plan a trip to New York these days - we all know what to do and see so a guide felt a little pointless, however I thought I'd include some tips I picked up along the way with my photo diary/video!

(Again, apologies for such a long blog hiatus. Hopefully you do follow me on social media and are aware I'm still alive (despite Mr Bipolar's best efforts...)! Being creative when I'm just not feeling that great is a toughie. That being said, today I woke up and said 'enough is enough' and it's time to share my New York photos, even if they are a few months late! You may have already caught the video I made from the trip, but if not you can find it here.)

 (P.S if you are interested in shopping my outfits, make sure you have ad-blocker off!)

  • Staying somewhere in walking distance to a good subway route/good location in general is helpful. We walked 20,000+ steps everyday exploring New York - it's the best way to see it! So pack good shoes and try and stay somewhere convenient. We stayed at Yotel, Hell's Kitchen which was perfect for us - 5 minute walk to Times Square and in a location where Blossom du Jour (best vegan burgers ever, check my last photo if you don't believe me...) would deliver to our room. It also had pretty nice sunrises from our window with The Empire State in view.

  • The Empire State Building has cracking views at sunset but make sure you get up there a little bit early if you want to secure a good photo spot as it does get pretty busy with selfie stick action. Also: avoid if you have fear of heights... because, well, it's quite high up there.

  • There's nothing like taking in the atmosphere and general hustle and bustle of Times Square once night falls. 

  • If you aren't incredibly fussed with being 'up close and personal' with the Statue of Liberty (sorry Liberty honey, it's me not you) you can ride The Staten Island Ferry for free and get a great view from the boat.

  • Brooklyn and Brooklyn Bridge also makes for a nice walk after seeing The Statue of Liberty. Thankfully Charlie's phone network (3) works as normal in the states so GPRS was a godsend for exploring by foot.

  • Obviously going to spots you recognise from Gossip Girl were mandatory.

  • Delicious Brooklyn pizza also necessary.

  • Again, pretending I'm Blair/Serena on 'The Met Steps' also crucial for my trip, and probably should also be for yours.

  • Central Park is down right bloody beautiful and I highly suggest a leisurely walk to soak it in. Again more Gossip Girl photo ops... and it makes a nice way to get to Upper East Side.

  • Walking the 'Skyline' is also a nice way to see a moderately 'more high up' view of New York. 

  • Pretty self explanatory, but remember New York has some bloody brilliant shops. I think I full on got lost in Victoria Secret and almost set up camp to succumb my fate and end up living in there forever. 

  • If you do stay at Yotel, a cheeky tweet about your stay gets you a free drink from the bar! Also take advantage of their happy hour - the mojitos are great.

  • We had Thanks Giving breakfast at Big Daddy's and man was it good, I would recommend the pancakes and the portions are HUGE - perfect for sharing. They were also very happy to cater and amend things on the menu for us veggies.

  • If you're after a slightly different 'high up view', you can also go up the Rockefeller - some prefer this as you can photograph The Empire State Building from it. We booked a deal which allowed us to go up during the day and again at dusk for two different experiences. 

    • Blossom du Jour literally made my trip foodwise... as vegetarians we did struggle a little in the Big 'ol Apple, but this place was an exception! The vegan milkshakes are also a must.

    • Uber/Uber Pool seem to be the cheapest way to get to and from the airport if you have internet like we did, but if you are using a cab, make sure you shop around for a price!