You may have seen I was jammy enough to get hold of a tan/black pair of the Fenty (Rihanna) Puma collaboration creepers. It was a glorious moment for me when I got the last pair in stock in Selfridges and I think the shop assistants actually had to hold me whilst I had a little cry of happiness. That being said, I barely wear them as I'm terrified I'll ruin them (but I do like to get them out of the box every now and then to tell them how much I love them...).

Anyway, today everything changed. My world has been made a better place... I've been stalking numerous tan on tan pairs on eBay, Depop etc. for weeks, but could never justify the £200-ness of them... and then today I see Public Desire stocking these glorious creations... yes... for only £29.99!!! I know so many of you have been in the same boat with trying to track these down, so I couldn't help but share. Naturally I'm getting all colours, because, duh?

(On a side note, sorry for the 'lil hiatus! As some of you know I spent the majority of January in Cuba, so I've been working on my content for that + I'm currently in the process of a blog redesign and unfortunately the black dog has decided to show it's face again, but I will hopefully be back bloggin' shortly! Now go have fun and buy these glorious creepers.)