Now this legitimately has to be the softest coat I own - I wish there was a 'feel' feature for blogs as I can't even begin to explain how nice it feels!! Imagine stroking the softest chinchilla, but even softer (also don't worry, this baby is of course faux!). I've had it since before Christmas and turn to it on those days where I just need to be wearing a big hug. It should have made my blog sooner but since I've been creatively unwell and spent January somewhere hot, here she is now... and happens to now be in the sale! Keerrrrching! Pretty Little Thing, you have outdone yourselves!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I did manage to get a pair of the Rihanna X Puma creepers, however I am more than happy to embrace these cheeky Public Desire dupes, especially as they're in these unique colours such as the grey here. Comfort wise, equally as comfy too. Because these come with the camel gum sole and the colours compliment each other so well, I decided to go full on out with a camel and grey outfit, opting for one of my many co-ord sets from Boohoo. This one is low in stock, however I personally think the outfit would also work well with this one, or this one!

I hope you're enjoying content from me again, I'm trying really hard to produce good, true to me images and more importantly stay positive and on track!