As some of you may know, in January before I headed off to Cuba, I took a visit to Richard Ward Hair and Metrospar in Chelsea to work on something with Hair Rehab London. I was blown away by the salon, (I definitely didn't anticipate somewhere which had it's own restaurant and bar built in...!!) and I couldn't have been happier with the hair and application by Sonia, Richard Ward's Senior Stylist and Hair Extension Specialist

For the past few years I've often got questioned if my own hair was extensions and wearing them had never been something on my radar until, as you may have read, I tried out glue in bonded extensions for thickness last summer. I loved the thickness they gave my hair and it just made styling so much easier, where the extensions seemed to help my hair hold a curl much more than my own hair alone (just when I thought I couldn't get anymore high maintenance...).

I had these removed in October and felt lost without them, so once speaking to Lauren Pope, face and owner of Hair Rehab London before Christmas and she explained to me her company had expanded to salons and she now offered salon quality, real human hair, bonded extensions, I of course I jumped at the opportunity to try these out. From previous experience with her clip-in extensions at Hair Rehab London, I'd been really impressed with the quality - the best hair extensions I'd ever seen infact, so I couldn't wait to try out these permanent options for thickness, as I'm not somebody who gets on well with the hassle of clip-ins. 

Although I originally was going to go for micro-rings (on Lauren's preference), I actually went for very discreet keratin cold fusion bonds on the day, as stylist Sonia was most confident with this method, but we have discussed the possibility trying out micro-rings next time for a comparison. These bonds are applied with keratin, which the hair is made up of, not to damage your own hair, fixed to the hair without any heat - neat huh! I couldn't have been happier, as visibility of the bonds was non-existent. The colour match was absolutely spot on, with the length perfect for me. You can watch the whole process, along with my before and after, here on the video I made of the day.

The salon itself really was such an experience I hadn't anticipated. I've visited many hairdressers in my time, but never have had their own fully functioning bar and restaurant menu, along with the option of having beauty treatments done simultaneously whilst you have your hair done. I could just about go for one of their berry smoothies and halloumi wraps right about now! I also felt quite regal finding out Richard Ward's team did Kate Middleton's hair for the royal wedding! ...It suddenly all made sense why this salon was the best I've ever stepped into. Can I move in and live in there?

I decided to write this review towards the end of the 'lifespan' of the extensions (it is advised to get them checked/moved up/replaced every 3-4months) just so I could give a representation of how they lasted, along with how they initially looked.

Almost three months later and I am still very impressed with the hair and the application of the bonds. I have obviously lost some of the thickness, as it is normal for shedding - especially considering I had two weeks sunning and swimming in Cuba, without my army of haircare, and I can't wait to get back into the salon for a revamp! See for yourself my trip to Richard Ward Hair and Metrospa, having Hair Rehab London's bonds fitted here on this video I made on the day (including a before and after), and see my hair and how it's lasted over on my instagram @charlottefisher (Cuba photos onwards include the extensions).