So now it's March it is finally getting towards that awkward mid-season time of trying to find something suitable to wear... it's warm in the sunshine and freezing in the shade and when 6pm hits. ...My solution: knitwear with bare legs. 

Recently I've taken a new fondness to wearing grey, so when I saw this coat I knew it had to be as it's one of those colours and fits which will more or less work with anything when thrown on. I can't say knitted dresses are the most flattering (ahem, excuse my rolls when sat down...) but it does make for a comfy item and definitely something perfect for this transitional time of year. To match the white on the shoes (because I'm OCD like that) I've layered the jumper dress over this white turtleneck for additional warmth too.

We all know I'm partial to a cheeky pair of Reebok Classics, so when I saw this khaki pair, how's a girl to resist?